Sunday, July 6, 2014


having 2 whole days in a row off from work means going through old pictures...

not sure who this sign was intended for, but now it's an open invitation to whoever would like to visit

At Ani's 4 year old birthday:  what a dilemma, which one first, red, yellow or green? yum!

no caption, just cute

she's gonna be a master baker in no time

whose child is she, this picture is from January, she dressed herself, did her hair, and looks like a totally different girl!

officially a 2 year old, skinned knees and all

again, all of a sudden, you look and have a totally different child

deep in thought for a meeting of the minds

totally my child, who else is a tomboy through and through with black sparkly sandals?

what lucky girls, with 3 generations of family to love and support them

so clearly it's gonna take more than a kimono to bring out the Japanese in this child

but I think the big one could pass if only she had black hair and a less perturbed expression

holy cow, she is never quiet, trying to find a serene picture of her in a kimono is impossible

probably the only time Ani has been able to hold G while she was sleeping, clearly a proud big sister

4th of July, who knew it took so long for a cookie to bake?

yum, thanks for teamwork, one can spread while the other can lick

finished! now we eat!

um, so there is no photo-shopping,  G somehow got stuck with her potty on her head (yeah, we should have put it away months ago... I guess we deserved this), first thought:  oh my god, totally Ian's kid, who else has been stuck in the bars at McDonald's as a child, and stuck in a tennis racquet as an adult

(yes the conversation stone cold sober went)

"I can fit through the dog door"
"no you can't" 
"sure, I used to be able to slide a tennis racquet over my body" 
"no way"
"yeah huh, I bet I still can..."

needless to say he got stuck, big time stuck
And here we are, with G being stuck in with the potty, and in my head the second thought was,"jesus, you're a midwife, get the damn kid out!"
 well, I failed miserably and we ended up having to cut it off, after over 1 1/2 hours of trying
Ani helped

Monday, May 26, 2014


Ani got Dad a Super Cape for his Birthday

Now we are a real Super family!

So Strong!