Thursday, February 19, 2015

OK already!!!!

Sorry we have not posted for so long, 

For those of you who have been patient, Thank you. For those who dropped hints
and gave friendly reminders to put up a blog, Thank you also.
For those who were not as patient.

no words are necessary.
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Ani's Birthday

Ani Also had a party at the Planetarium.

Of course the most fun they had there was donating.

Though I don't think they knew they were donating!

Ani also had family visit for her Birthday at Omi's house.

Random cute photos

Story Time

Who needs toys for Christmas

Who needs toys when yo have a box of latex gloves

And you thought a Bachelors of Fine Arts
was a waste of time!

Emma's Birthda

Time to visit

Yaya, Grandpaw, Uncle Todd and Michelle all came in to town for a visit

For some reason I only got pictures of Grandpaw.
(I am such a good son!!!)