Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why fight it?

If the box is a better gift, just go with it.

5 minutes, tape and scissors. 

Graham's First Day of School

Ani is so excited for Graham

G, not so much

The long first walk down the hall ways.

"Are you sure I go in here?"

Ani's First Day of School

It's hard when your best friend goes off to school without you

What to do while your all alone?



 and rest!

Military Brats

A small military group moved into the living room, setting up a 
fort for the weekend.

Busted up

So for those who don't know, Graham got in a fight with the bed and lost!

Just like any other big girl she was sleeping in 
a big girl bed, until it kicked her out.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

More from the Beach

Every morning we got breakfast  
Graham's favorite was Waffles 

Ani's was cereal with little marshmallows 

playing doctor

It is exhausting being at the beach

and of course we never miss a chance to pose!

Still not so sure about the ocean, Its kind of big.